Friday, January 27, 2012

gnocchi gnight!

I have moved up in the world. Not that you would know it, because I just deleted a beautiful post I was just about to offer you. Again.
In other news, I have advanced to wearing very nice blouses (which now inevitably smell of delicious food) whilst cooking tasty meals for two. And also wearing very vintage-looking apron given to me by my sweet sister Hyacinth, who finds me love of vintage housewifery amusing. (Fortunately her good taste helps me overlook the fact - thank you, dahling, for the Hollywood-red lipstick!)
This meal was phenomenal, though I must say that gnocchi-making is a long-preparation affair indeed, and rather labor-intensive. I encourage you to try it, though - it's delightful food, and can be frozen for future use. I plan to make it in huge batches in future. Hello, fifteen pounds of potatoes at a time!
I used this recipe (lemon-thyme sauce highly recommended!): Potato Gnocchi with Lemon-Thyme SauceAnd this recipe(s) offered some great insight and optional techniques: Italian dumplings with two sauces.
Here is me being fabulous making my lovely lemon-thyme-sauce gnocchi!

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