Saturday, April 14, 2012

A little precursor: Victorian Tea

Some months ago, I had the opportunity to drag my dear mother-in-law to a Victorian-themed tea party while she was visiting our new town. I foolishly brought only my cell phone to take pictures with, so I wasn't able to capture it in detail. However, I was able to memorialize the beautiful decor in a small way, if only to add it to my Pinterest ponderings for future interior decorating ventures.

Some local teens also offered us a stunning fashion show of Victorian-style ensembles as we enjoyed our tea and cakes throughout the afternoon.

I look forward to more such tea and assorted apparel at the tomorrow's Titanic Tea at the Grant House with Solanah &c. Check back for more photos soon!

Such a delightful spread - cucumber sandwiches and delicious sorbets!

A beautiful steamer trunk full of fancy goodies!

Oh, to have a nook like this for my piano!

By far the most beautiful hat I have ever laid eyes on!


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