Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titanic Tea: centennial commemoration

The Titanic Tea at the Grant House on Officer's Row was a delightful affair, full of glamorous hats and duds, and even more glamorous people!

Caley and I got a chance to meet Julie (Fab Gabs) and Rhiannon (Garb-oh Vintage) - two ladies with impeccable taste and even more impeccable. It was also a delight to fraternize with new friends and kindred spirits Janey (Atomic Redhead) and Solanah (Vixen Vintage)!

After tea and photography in the garden around the Grant House, we walked along Officer's Row, eye candy for the favorable passersby. And sad as it is to recognize the loss of so many lives in the Atlantic that night a hundred years ago, we could not help but celebrate their memory with fancy ensembles and warm smiles, as the day greeted us so amiably. What wonders blue sky and sunshine can do!

~ all thrifted, with help from several friends ~

~ the lovely Caley in her totally-thrifted Edwardian tea ensemble ~

~ one event photog to another! ~

~ we even had a dapper man in real Edwardian tails! ~

~ Lisa and Solanah ~

~ Lisa in her lovely fur coat. I couldn't get enough of her outfit! ~

~ Janey walking like she owns this town... and so she does! ~

~ take a close look at Rhiannon - a creative and youthful sailor outfit, complete with 1920s doll! ~

~ in the gazebo on the green - and we look as if we're about to embark! ~

~ a most charming couple! ~

~ so photogenic! Julie is a vision in blue and white ~

Many thanks to Solanah for hosting this event! It was a fabulous time, well worth the drive and ensuing mishaps.



  1. I love the picture of Caley with the tree! It's fabulous! And awww, that picture of Julie and Jessie is too adorable!

    It was so wonderful spending more time with you. I look forward to future events!

  2. This looks like it was such a FANTASTIC time. I am incredibly jealous of a Titanic tea!!

    1. It was! You should create one of your own up there, Joyous!